Teeth Straightening At DHA Clinic

At Dental Health and Aesthetics, Belfairs Leigh-On-Sea, we are now able to offer ‘teeth straightening’ or the option to straighten teeth using clear aligners. Dental Health and Aesthetics have teamed up with 32 Stories to offer this service solely at our clinic and from the comfort of your own home.

So what is 32 Stories?

32 Stories is a Dental Aesthetic brand offering patients access to the top cosmetic experts and Premium Cosmetic Dental products, including Prescription-only Whitening, the 22S Clear Aligner System, and the Full Smile Upgrade,  which includes Whitening, Aligners and Composite bonding.

32 Stories was founded by doctors and dentists with a passion for the highest quality oral health and cosmetic dental outcomes for patients. Their products are exclusively prescribed by top dentists with cosmetic expertise.

So, at  DHA, we offer free consultations to get you started with 32 Stories Dental Aesthetics.

We will run an initial consultation here at DHA. Once complete, 32 Stories will generate a 3D model of your smile and invite you to schedule a video consultation with a cosmetic dental specialist from the comfort of your home. They will discuss your case and your personal treatment plan.

Only once you and your cosmetic dentist are happy will you proceed to payment, and all treatment is delivered directly to your door.

Once you have started treatment, you will have access to cosmetic dental support 7 days a week, providing you the support you need, without multiple trips to the clinic.

For more information, call us on 01702880919 Or visit us on Facebook.


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DHA have teamed up with 32S to provide you with specialist treatments within cosmetic dentistry, such as:

  • Clear Aligners (Teeth Straightening)
  • Teeth Whitening

To access our services, you will need to book an initial meeting with us at DHA. We will guide you through the first step of the process, taking photos and impressions of your teeth. You will then be invited for an online video consultation with a 32S cosmetic dentist who will discuss your treatment options with you.

Clear aligners are a set of clear, removable are custom-made trays that are designed to move your teeth in a sequence determined by your specialist.

These clear retainer style braces allow you to go about your everyday life without feeling self-conscious and can be taken out quickly and discretely at any time to eat or clean. Made from a clear plastic-like material these aligners are a great way to achieve the smile you want without the need for fixed metal braces or wires.

Clear aligners use new technology to move the teeth gradually, while being practically invisible. Patients will have a series of custom-made aligners which are changed every 1-2 weeks and will gradually move the teeth into perfect alignment. 

It might be that you unfortunately don’t qualify for clear aligners due to the severity of your case, but below are the pros of having clear aligners over fixed braces:

  • Clear aligners are convenient and can be removed in seconds No difficulty eating
  • Practically invisible unlike conventional braces
  • No issues with food traps
  • Reduced risk of gum issues – if management of oral health is poor it can be made even more difficult with fixed braces
  • No discomfort from wires

The main difference between 32S and a visit to a dentist is that 32S have top cosmetic dental experts working with them specifically in this field and have made it much more convenient for you to receive treatment from them.

What remains the same is the level of professionalism and quality of care. You will be treated by a Dental care professional at DHA, both in person or remotely, depending on your clinical needs. All patients can have a video consultation with a cosmetic dentist, 7 days a week. For many patients, they don’t need to travel to the dental surgery for this

If your case is complex, we will know once we’ve reviewed the 3D model of your teeth. We will explain why your case is complicated over a video consultation and give you the option to have additional procedures, such as IPR or attachments, with a 32S partner cosmetic dentist, with no obligation to you.

IPR stands for Inter-Proximal Reduction and is a procedure to remove tiny amounts of enamel to slim down the teeth, creating extra space for the teeth to move. It is safe and has no visible impact on the teeth but makes orthodontic treatment easier in some cases.

Attachments are small white ‘bumps’ which are attached to teeth using special dental glue. When aligners are placed over the top of these, they can allow extra pressure to be applied, to force certain types of movement, particularly rotation. Sometimes you will not get perfectly straight teeth without these.

Compared to conventional fixed braces which can cause irritation to the gums, clear aligners are relatively painless. There can be some initial ‘pressure’ felt when the aligners are first worn and as the teeth initially move but your mouth should quickly adjust, and any discomfort is usually minimal.

Unfortunately, not, and we will be completely honest with you. The 32S team do not cut corners and are committed to results which last a lifetime. If your case is complex you may require additional treatments to avoid relapse and complications, and we will explain this in detail to you

Your aligners are custom made for you but can be replaced. If this does happen, let us know immediately which aligner you’ve lost, and keep wearing the most recent aligner you have until your replacements arrive (additional cost may be incurred).

Safety is our primary concern. A 32S dentist will discuss your dental history with you during your consultation. If they feel you are not suitable for aligners or whitening for whatever reason, they will inform you of this. Depending on your risk factors, they may also suggest you have X-ray’s prior to commencing treatment, these can be done here at DHA.

Your treatment plan is carefully designed and prescribed by a specialist in tooth movement and is bespoke just for your teeth. They will specify how long each aligner should be worn for and we strongly recommend that patients do not deviate from this plan to avoid complications.

Sometimes it is necessary to have a fixed bonded retainer to stop your teeth moving after the last aligner has been worn. This will be advised by your dental care professional and a 32S specialist. This would be at an additional cost.

The price of clear aligners depends on the individual’s needs and severity of the case. DHA and 32S, have a fixed fee inclusive of the aligner trays and all consultations. 32S offer a range of affordable finance options designed around you and your treatment plan.


Aligners start from £1995 for mild cases. We offer a full smile upgrade, which includes:


  • Aligners top and bottom
  • Whitening
  • 4 teeth bonded