Testimonials And Case Studies

We are proud of our professional reputation and the fantastic results we produce for our clients.

All our therapists are experts and fully trained and qualified to deliver the treatments available at our clinic. We ensure that each and every treatment is followed up by our customer care team so that clients optimise the results of the treatment.

For someone who has never placed much faith in skincare products, I so wish I had discovered NeoStrata Skin Active sooner. My overall skin condition is much improved. My skin is brighter, smoother and firmer. Fine lines are softened and pigmentation patches are less pronounced.

The results totally exceed my expectations NeoStrata Skin Active has definitely put the ping back into my skin and the spring back into my step! The results after three months use are clear to see. My skin is more hydrated and feels firmer; my complexion is brighter and now glows. I am surprised how little product I have to use – a little goes a long way, so they are good value!

Anonymous - 2021

It was like a facelift for my thighs and bum. I can’t believe how many centimetres I lost with just a single treatment

Anonymous - 2021

Since I have had kids, I lost the elasticity in my tummy and my belly button was very closed over and almost invisible. Now it’s totally opened and the skin around the area has totally smoothed over. The stretch marks on my tummy are less visible. I am honestly shocked at the results and I feel that this is just the start of my journey with Lipofirm Pro.

I am usually pretty self-assured, but I had lost my confidence about how I looked. My body had changed, my skin had changed and for me it was a big thing in showing this off. I just feel that I am slowly but surely building my poise back one step at a time. When I see my ‘before and after’ pictures it gives me so much joy and overwhelming feelings of happiness that I am starting to look the way that I want to.

Anonymous - 2021