Teeth Bonding Essex

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Operating in Leigh on Sea, Essex. DHA Belfairs Clinic are a leading expert within the teeth bonding sector. Providing an affordable and professional service for those who require that bright white “Simon Cowell” smile.

Teeth Bonding, also known as Composite Bonding or Composite Veneers, are an advanced technique favoured by many, instead of veneers or crowns. Bonding allows you to achieve a bright Hollywood smile without damaging your natural teeth, by creating that straight edge, polished and white veneer finish, tailored to your needs. At DHA we have many years of experience in perfecting this method, to help our clients improve their overall smile within a budget. 

Teeth Bonding is an effective and popular way to transform the colour, shape and appearance of your teeth. Using specialised materials, this flexible method means our dental care professional can re-create the perfect tooth shape for a beautiful smile to your specific requirements and needs.

Why choose Composite Bonding/Veneers at DHA?

  • Improve overall appearance without damaging your teeth
  • Achieve a Hollywood smile within two weeks
  • Affordable and effective 
  • Free consultation with our expert dental care professional 
  • Keep your natural teeth and cause no damage with continued aftercare with our dental hygiene services
  • Fix chips, gaps and breaks 
  • Improve the colour and shade of your teeth

A dental care professional at DHA will carry out a free oral health assessment as part of the treatment plan process. We will assess your oral health, teeth and gum condition to make sure you are suitable and dentally fit before continuing with treatment. It may be that you need referring for orthodontic treatment or ‘teeth straightening’ to allow you to achieve the best possible result. You can then return to have your affordable composite bonding completed with us at DHA.

As part of the treatment plan, we are able to carry out a ‘pre-mockup’ of your teeth, allowing you to see what can be achieved visibly in the mouth using composite. We can then plan your treatment using study models of your teeth, together allowing us to create the perfect smile.

You may also need to carry out teeth whitening prior to treatment so that we can improve the shade and appearance of your overall smile. This will allow us to match a brighter shade of the composite when carrying out the composite bonding or composite veneers. 

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Teeth Bonding Essex

Teeth Bonding Essex

Chips and Cracks

Sometimes the edges of our teeth can become worn, translucent and chipped and, as a result, when we smile, we may not be happy with the way they look. With composite bonding we can match your tooth shade (natural shade or post-whitening) to restore your natural smile, fixing fractured edges as well as shaping and contouring to improve the overall appearance.

Teeth Bonding Essex

Edge Bonding

Genetics, lifestyle or orthodontic treatments can all be contributing factors to why the edges of your teeth are not aligned. Using composite bonding we can carry out edge bonding, which allows us to correct this, aligning the edges of the tooth surfaces for that perfect smile.

Teeth Bonding Essex

Composite Veneers

Depending on the individual case, our treatment can be a fantastic and non-invasive way of completely changing the appearance and colour of your teeth. A thin veneer of composite resin is placed over the whole tooth surface, allowing us to choose any shade and shape to compliment your smile and appearance. our techniques can also be used on individual teeth, which may be mis-aligned or darker in colour.

Teeth Bonding Essex

Closing the Gap

In some cases, we are able to close gaps between certain teeth using the shape and shade of your current tooth appearance. The ‘black triangle’ that sometimes appears after orthodontic treatment may also be treatable using composite bonding.

Recession and Exposed Tooth Surface.

If the root surface is exposed it can be very vulnerable to further wear and will look darker in colour compared to your enamel. We are able to protect and cover root surfaces using this method to protect the surface from further damage, while also improving the appearance to match the enamel shade of your tooth.

Replacement of old Composite Fillings.

Still have that old filling from years ago? Black edges and discolouration over time is not unusual. We can replace your old fillings, returning them to their former glory.

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