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Do you require Lip Fillers in Southend on Sea?

Do you require Lip Fillers in Southend on Sea?

At DHA Clinic, our team of qualified and professional experts will discuss a tailored aesthetics treatment plan during your free face-to-face or online consultation. We will assess your current lip shape, skin type, volume and the appearance you want to achieve, taking into account the rest of your facial features.

Not only this, we will discuss at length any concerns you may have with the procedure. Our expert team of therapists are extremely experienced and skilled in creating the best, natural results possible. We are also skilled in rectifying problems created by previous bad lip filler or problems created during filler procedures. We can dissolve lip filler safely and effectively, allowing us to recreate that natural lip appearance you were after.

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Lip Fillers, also known as Lip Augmentation or Lip Injections, are a safe and natural technique used to:

  • Enhance lip volume,
  • Create the perfect lip shape
  • Natural augmentation of lips
  • Create lip borderline

At DHA Clinic we believe less is more. We will only add volume where needed to create fuller looking luscious lips but maintaining that ever important natural look. It is all about synergy, it must match the rest of your face. Dermal fillers are also used to help smooth out lines and lip wrinkles around the mouth area and recreate mid face volume loss, so our therapists will discuss all treatment plan options with you to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome, not just focusing on your lips, something so many people do wrong when having filler treatment.


Here at DHA we have partnered up with the UK’s leading cosmetic expert DR Bob Khanna. Dr Khanna is well known for his excellence in the non-surgical cosmetics industry. Training many Doctors, Dental care professionals and Nurses, he has perfected the art of creating the popular Heart Lip filler. Only persons trained within Dr Bob Khanna’s institute are allowed to practice this particular technique. Fortunately, we are able to offer such amazing lip filler treatment at DHA.

With full and natural lips becoming a preferred look for many in today’s society, Lip Fillers are a quick and affordable method for achieving this. Once the procedure is over, our friendly consultant will advise you on the best post-treatment care. It is important you follow our stringent after care procedures and that you come back for your follow up appointment. This is to make sure all is well, and that you are happy with the treatment outcome.