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Chin and Jawline Filler at DHA, Leigh-On-Sea

Before and after for Jawline and Chin filler

Jawline filler has become a popular treatment in both males and females recently, with influencers and celebs alike boasting about the treatment on social media platforms. Jawline filler redefines the jawline and supports the surround tissues (e.g. Jowls), giving you that sharp defined appearance. It is not unusual to augment the Chin during jawline treatment also, restoring volume and shape to allow for harmony when treating the mid and lower parts of the face.

‘Synergy’ is key for a natural finish with any dermal filler treatment. I never look at one part of the face when carrying out consultations at DHA. You have to synergise and harmonise the areas of the face. If one area of the face has lost ‘volume’ it is because another area is not supporting. So importantly it is about treating the whole face. If someone says to you “oh you have had your jawline treated haven’t you” I feel like we have failed. If, however, someone says “you look really well at the moment” then we have succeeded in our treatment plan.

So why do we need to treat the Jawline and Chin with filler? Unfortunately, as we get older, changes to our face and skeleton occur, as early as 25, which cause us to look ‘older’ and ‘tired’, including:

  • Reduction in facial height
  • Increase in facial width
  • Volume loss in fat areas
  • Loss of muscle tenacity
  • Increase in facial depth (e.g. Under eyes, loss of chin shape)
  • Increase in Jowls due to lack of support from lower jaw and supporting tissues
  • Loss of bone related to tooth loss in lower jaw
  • Medical compromises
  • Genetics – we may be unlucky and lack the support from the start!



Do you use dermal filler for jawline and chin?

We use dermal fillers to augment and shape the jawline and chin. We can use ‘Botox’ to improve these areas also, so sometimes combination treatments can be used to achieve the result required.


Who can have jawline and chin filler?

I perform this treatment on patients of all legal ages, male and female. Chin and jawline enhancement are a popular treatment in younger patients who lack the support in these areas for whatever reason (genetics, medical, previous surgery). It is also popular in older patients who have lost the strength and support of their jawline and chin through ageing.


Would you just treat the jawline and chin on its own?

As discussed earlier, we often need to address the mid-face (cheeks) before we address the jawline, to ensure we give the soft tissues of the face enough support. All of this will be discussed with you, in depth, during your free consultation at DHA.


How long does the treatment take?

The treatment can take 30-40 minutes usually. The consultation process will include taking photos, discussing treatment options at length and assessing your facial structure to plan our treatment approach to get the best treatment outcome you deserve.


How long do jawline and chin filler last?

Dermal fillers in this particular area are quite ‘thick’ in their structure to allow for good support in this area. Usually dermal fillers last between 6-9 months depending on the patient’s lifestyle.


We would also suggest looking at your skincare range in relation to combination treatment with dermal fillers. A free consultation with one of our therapists at DHA would allow us to assess your skincare regime and maximise your results when having treatment for the longterm.

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